"The frame is spectacular! Thank you so much, we are delighted with it"
ES, London – June 2021.

"It does look so much better and I really like the frame"
LK, London – June 2021 (restoration and framing of oil)

"Thank you Richard, that looks wonderful"
PM, London – May 2021

"Super-happy with the frame – thank you for doing such a great job on it!"
SB, London – April 2021

"Thank you very much Richard for all of your cooperation, they look great – please thank your workshop too”"
IF, London – April 2021

"Amazing, thank you very much indeed"
DA, April – London

"Wow, that frame looks amazing!!!"
SR, Cornwall – April 2021

"the work is amazing down to every single detail and the shades of black with the gold is wow"
MA, Kuwait – March 2021

"Looks fabulous ! Thank you Richard and team"
DT, March 2021

"Thank you. I agree, it looks as good if not better than hoped"
AJ, London – March 2021

"The picture looks brilliant"
JM, London – March 2021

"I have collected the two pictures— frame repairs are perfect. Thank you."
JD, London – March 2021

"The completed work has retained the flawed charm of the hand embroidery and your suggestion of mount and frame create a pleasing harmony"
LF, South of France – March 2021

"Many thanks Richard- it looks amazing"
MA, Kuwait – March 2021

"We’re delighted with the seascapes so thank you very much for all your attention to detail! They are beautiful…"
MF, London – Feb 2021

"She is absolutely delighted with her newly framed picture. Thank you very much for the skilled and careful way in which the work was done"
AF, London – Feb 2021

"Thank you for doing a wonderful job on repairing my painting"
KS, London – Feb 2021

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