"The frame looks absolutely perfect!"
SR, Cornwall, October 2021

"A massive thank you for all of your help, the client was delighted!"
KP, London, September 2021.

"I felt when we collected the picture that it would be the right choice. I cannot tell you how absolutely delighted we both were to find that it has far exceeded our expectations. We are truly more than delighted with the finished result and I am sure Karolina will confirm our sincere pleasure. Even more so because as explained this painting is very personal to me and is so in keeping with its location. Many thanks for your help and guidance. ‘Bourlet have done it again’"
WP, September 2021

"I think it looks fantastic"
JC, London, August 2021.

"That looks fabulous"
NH, London. August 2021.

"Lovely framing, I’m very happy with it, and it has enhanced the painting"
SD, London. August 2021.

"We are thrilled with the result! The framing is beautifully executed and the whole piece together looks stunning. This is exactly where we were looking to go towards. Thank you and your team for everything!"
AB, August 2021.

"Frame is stunning !!!!"
RS, Wales 2021.

"It looks really fabulous. Thanks for doing such a great job and for taking such care with this. The frame itself is perfect, and I’m really pleased with the colour of the float"
SB, London July 2021.

"Very lovely Richard ! Thank you"
DT, London July 2021.

"It looks beautiful. Thx"
SP, London July 2021.

"This looks wonderful, and thank you Richard"
SW, London July 2021.

"The frame is spectacular! Thank you so much, we are delighted with it"
ES, London – June 2021.

"It does look so much better and I really like the frame"
LK, London – June 2021 (restoration and framing of oil)

"Thank you Richard, that looks wonderful"
PM, London – May 2021

"Super-happy with the frame – thank you for doing such a great job on it!"
SB, London – April 2021

"Thank you very much Richard for all of your cooperation, they look great – please thank your workshop too”"
IF, London – April 2021

"Amazing, thank you very much indeed"
DA, April – London

"Wow, that frame looks amazing!!!"
SR, Cornwall – April 2021

"the work is amazing down to every single detail and the shades of black with the gold is wow"
MA, Kuwait – March 2021

"Looks fabulous ! Thank you Richard and team"
DT, March 2021

"Thank you. I agree, it looks as good if not better than hoped"
AJ, London – March 2021

"The picture looks brilliant"
JM, London – March 2021

"I have collected the two pictures— frame repairs are perfect. Thank you."
JD, London – March 2021

"The completed work has retained the flawed charm of the hand embroidery and your suggestion of mount and frame create a pleasing harmony"
LF, South of France – March 2021

"Many thanks Richard- it looks amazing"
MA, Kuwait – March 2021

"We’re delighted with the seascapes so thank you very much for all your attention to detail! They are beautiful…"
MF, London – Feb 2021

"She is absolutely delighted with her newly framed picture. Thank you very much for the skilled and careful way in which the work was done"
AF, London – Feb 2021

"Thank you for doing a wonderful job on repairing my painting"
KS, London – Feb 2021

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