Picture Framers and Fine Art Restoration service in Pimlico

If you live or work in the Pimlico area of South West London and you need an experienced team of picture framing professionals to assist with the restoration of the picture frame for a piece of artwork, we can assist with your needs.

Bourlet are London based experts in fine art restoration and picture framing for over two hundred years, and have long been a leading authority on craftsmanship in the fine art world. Our picture framing work encompasses the creation of all kinds of fine art frames, including gilded, veneer, carved and hand made as well as fine art and frame restoration. We have many customers and contacts in the Pimlico area and an outstanding reputation that only comes from decades of proven expertise.

Our picture framing and frame restoration experts use tremendous skill and patience in the meticulous process of repairing damage to frames, finally revealing an artist’s original intent. Results can be dramatic, but our approach to frame restoration is sensitive at all times. In some cases, it might even be that a work of art would look worse after cleaning. We take pride in our work and never restore any frames without having confidence in a visible improvement to the artwork, not just a transformation.

Bourlet picture framers continually research the techniques of the ages, buying original frames to enrich their understanding and adapting traditional expertise in fine art restoration to meet the demands of contemporary art.

Our picture framing and fine art restoration services are ideal for people and businesses in the Pimlico area. If you live in Pimlico or nearby and have need of the very best fine art frame restoration service, do call us on 0 207 724 4837 or email enquiries@bourlet.co.uk

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