Picture Frame Restoration UK

Restoring a Picture Frame

22nd June 2018

Do you have an antique picture frame in your home? Are you looking for a way to return your picture frame to its former glory? If so then picture frame restoration is essential. With this in mind, you should definitely consider Bourlet.

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Photo Frames

Creating a Bespoke Picture Frame

31st May 2018

Many of us have pictures of family and friends in our home. With all these precious memories on show it is important to decorate your home or office with a combination of frames.

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Bespoke Picture Frames

What a Frame Can Do for Your Paintings and Pictures?

20th April 2018

How can a frame make any painting or picture stand out more?If you are an art lover then you must recognize the fact that choosing a right frame is an absolute necessity.

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Contemporary Frames

Why Choosing The Right Picture Frame is Important?

29th March 2018

At Bourlet, we understand the importance of choosing a picture frame that not only matches your style but also makes the picture/painting/print stand out from the crowd. We offer some of the most eye catching and spectacular handmade frames in the UK.

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